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Were the volleyball history rules different than today?

By Tara B.

Has volleyball always been played the same? The answer is no, this is because when volleyball first came out no one had one set of rules; they just played any way they wanted to.

Volleyball originated in 1895 by William Morgan who wanted to blend many of the different sports together. However, at this time volleyball was called mintonette. The volleyball history rules were a little a different and here are some examples.

The first thing was the game was changed from 21 points to 15 in 1917. Then not until 1920 was the rule for only 3 hits brought to the game and back row attacks. And finally in 1934 referees were put into the game. That's only to name a few, but many other rules have been changed or altered. A change from rules for indoor volleyball to beach volleyball, the first two man game wasn't played until 1930.

Like I have said many times before, there isn't just one set of rules for volleyball. There are many different rules as well as drills out there divided up for skill level. For example, younger kids usual play just regular which is you only score a point one the serve while high schools and clubs play rally which is where you get a point for every mistake.

I prefer rally since it goes much faster, but if you're just learning rally wouldn't be good for you. Besides the volleyball rules, you have drills that get harder and make you get better as you get older and the longer you play.

It's always nice to know volleyball history rules and see how the game has changed over time!

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