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Get NCAA volleyball rule books so you know how to play

By Tara B.

Being a coach, you need to be very responsible and carry everything with you to games that you think you may need. Forgetting something could end up hurting you or your team in the long run.

One very important thing every coach should carry with them to each game are NCAA volleyball rule books, but only if you're playing under these rules. You're probably wondering why do I need this, the referees know the rules, however the may not. A lot of referees don't read the whole book, but just skim it and miss some things. There have been times at sporting events that refs have made the wrong call and the coach didn't have the rule book to back up his argument.

However, the volleyball history rules didn't always have the NCAA that had a rule book that everyone played by. Volleyball has been around since 1895 which makes it over 100 years old and has changed a lot since then too. In 1916 the NCAA was invited to help edit the volleyball rules, but didn't become the main company for the rules. In 1928 the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) was formed to have a set of rules for tournaments.

The rules started out for indoor volleyball, but not until 1930 was the first beach volleyball played. However, this didn't mean we had separate indoor and outdoor volleyball rules. So, aren't you glad we have NCAA volleyball rule books to keep everything straight or it would probably be crazy trying to play!

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