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Good volleyball rules & drills are the key to success!

By Tara B.

Eat, sleep, and breath volleyball is what a lot of serious volleyball players say.

Sorry if I'm not going that specific on certain things, but I just don't wait to teach you the wrong thing or something that may hurt your team.

For example, there are so many different volleyball rules & drills. Different organizations may have one set of volleyball rules and then if I would give you the way I play it ,may be slightly different. So I do apologize for that, but I don't want any confusing going on.

Then for drills, there are so many out there just depending on what you're working on. There are specific drills out there for hitters, setters, passers, and to improve serving. A lot of drills for volleyball just make you do a lot or reps to make you stronger.

How to play volleyball… Well actually it can be played many different ways. It can be played inside or outside and outside can be played in sand or mud. The environment may be different, but they all have the same concept. This concept is pass, set, and hit. If you do this every time, then you're doing great.

On a side note, the volleyball court dimensions may vary slightly depending on what type you're playing. It makes sense to because if beach volleyball has 2 players while indoor has 6; shouldn't beach volleyball have a smaller court? I do, it only makes it fair!

So, go out there and learn your teams volleyball rules and teach them some interesting drills, too!

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