History of Volleyball
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A little about the history of volleyball

By Tara B.

Do you know about the history of volleyball? For the most part many people don't, they could play volleyball all their life and know nothing about where it came from.

The sport of volleyball started in 1895 and has been around for over 100 years. The sport was first introduced as mintonette by William Morgan when he was trying to blend many different sports together. Then, a year later the first real game of volleyball was played at Springfield College.

Between 1900 and about 1917 the YMCA was spreading volleyball across the world and started making official rules in the 1916s as well. In 1917 the game was changed from 21 points to 15 and then in 1920 three hits per side and back row hitting was enforced.

Next, rules for tournaments were made in 1928 made by USVBA which is now USA volleyball. As years went on, different things were introduced like beach volleyball and different rules. Also, different associations were formed in different states and worldwide as well.

Therefore, the origin of volleyball was right here in the United States. And to be more specific it was Holyoke, Massachusetts. So, when talking about the history of volleyball make sure you explain some volleyball vocabulary because not everyone will understand and use the same terms. Also, try to be as specific as you can when explaining important things in history.

I would recommend learning the history of volleyball because it is very interesting and makes you feel thankful that we have the volleyball system we do!

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