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Improve your team with different volleyball offenses

By Tara B.

Volleyball is so fast paced at times that it's hard to keep track what is going on. If you watch or play the sport long enough, you'll eventually get a hang of it, I promise.

Volleyball offenses and defenses are always going back and fourth. Volleyball offenses are when your team is serving. Therefore, the front row players will be at the net blocking while the back row gets down and ready for the ball to come back over.

In my opinion, it is more fun to be on defense if you have an awesome spike because you can get a kill and it always feels great to smash the ball in the opponents' face. On the other hand, offense can be fun too, especially when you block some one's spike and falls right back down on their side. Even though they both can be fun at times, defense is probably the easier of the two to learn.

However, you can only get a great kill if you have a great pass and set. And to do this, the team needs to know the formation and their position. As long as the team has practiced long enough together and they know what they're doing, your team should have no problem getting a great kill. Well as long as you have a great technique and a beautiful set. A great kill isn't just because of the hitter, it all starts with the passer and if they get it to the setter or not.

Therefore, I would make sure the team knows the formations very well before going and teaching them the volleyball offenses and defenses.

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