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Do you know all the volleyball rules?

By Tara B.

Every sport needs one thing to operate properly. Do you know what this is? Maybe or may not.

It's not athletes or fans, but rules. If you don't have rules there would be no game that would go over well.

To make things more complicated, volleyball rules may vary depending on if you're playing indoor or beach.

However, I'm going to list a few main indoor rules since different associations vary on some rules.

  • 3 hits per side
  • 6 players on the court at once for a team
  • Court size is 18 meters by 9 meters
Now here are some indoor volleyball rules that vary by age and association.
  • Height of the net
  • Allowance of jewelry
  • Matching uniforms
Which is better, indoor volleyball or outdoor? Well, you can decide this one for yourself. However, I like indoor volleyball better just because I've never played outdoor. I would love to try outdoor volleyball though, but I believe it would be harder to play than indoor, but I'm up for the challenge.

No volleyball rule limits you to what your team name is well for the most part. A name should be something all the team likes and the coach approves of. So go out there and pick an unique team that no else would think of! And follow the other rules!

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