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Volleyball vocabulary is essential to playing the game!

By Tara B.

When teaching your team about volleyball and how to play, make sure you go over even the simplest things. This is because different kids may not be taught the same way you're teaching.

Therefore, you may want to go over some volleyball vocabulary or in other common terms. For example, one coach may call it a pass while others call it a bump. And then some people call it a spike while others call it a hit. Whatever terms you may use, make sure the whole team is on the same page.

Some coaches wont care what terms you use, while others are more particularly and only want their players to use certain terms. So, when you first getting to know the team, make sure you let them know what terms you'll be using and you may want to explain as well, depending on the age.

In order to understand the vocabulary, you must know the origin of volleyball. It comes from a couple different places. First beach volleyball comes from Santa Monica, California while indoor volleyball comes from Holyoke, Massachusetts. Not only is it good to know the origin and history of volleyball, but some volleyball quotes as well. It's good to know quotes because they can help to motivate you into becoming a great volleyball player of achieve a dream.

No matter what volleyball vocabulary you use, it all means basically the same thing. However, you may want to explain some of the terms especially for your younger players that are new to the sport.

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