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By Tara B.

Everyone should know the history behind the sport they play. This is because don't you ever wonder how your sport was played when it first came out? I do and I think it's interesting to see how different the sport is now from when it started.

Indoor volleyball history goes back over 100 years! It first started in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts by a man named William G. Morgan. William wanted to combine parts of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball together to make a sport called mintonette which is what we call today, volleyball.

Many rules have changed over the year, for example, in 1917 the game was changed from 21 to 15 points and then in 1920 three hits per side and back row hitting was added to the rules as well. There are many different organizations and tournaments children and adults can play in worldwide. Therefore, go out and have fun!

However, the first two-man beach volleyball game wasn't played until the 1930s. And then not until 1948 was the first tournament for two-man beach volleyball. However, beach volleyball in the 1980s seemed to have become very popular. This is because there were tournaments going on every where with cash prizes of hundreds of thousands dollars for total prize money.

During all this indoor volleyball history, there were probably a lot of unique volleyball team names. So, why don't you go out there and find an unique one too!

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