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You MUST learn the history & rules for indoor volleyball before playing!

By Tara B.

Rules, rules, rules... It seems like they're every where and we are always following them. Some rules are good to have so things don't get out of control. For example, rules for sport.

Rules for indoor volleyball can vary all depending on who you're playing for. Rules for NCAA may be slightly different than USA or who ever you play, so I'm just going give you some basic rules that should be the same no matter who you're playing. The rules for different ages may make it different, though.

Indoor Volleyball Basic Rules:

  • Court Size is 18m (59'.6614) by 9m (29'6.3307)
  • Net height ranges from 1.98m to 2.24m for women's volleyball depending on the age
  • Net height ranges from 2.13m to 2.43 for men's volleyball depending on age
  • Volleyball should weigh 9 to 10 ounces unless 12 and under and it should weigh 7 to 8 ounces
  • Maximum 3 hits by side in addition to blocking though
  • Rally scoring is when some one gets a point every time the ball is played and doesn't matter whose serve it is
  • Side out scoring is when you only get a point on the serve
Rules for indoor volleyball have changed so much from when it first started in 1985. It is unbelievable that the history of indoor volleyball goes back over 100 years and is increasing in popularity as well. Well rules for vary from indoor and outdoor, age or even male and female so hopefully you've learned the right rules and I wish you the best of luck!

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