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Jump training should be apart of your volleyball blocking drills!

By Tara B.

It's always nice to get a great kill, but it feels even greater to block a great spike. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the point where you can block the ball and it to fall straight down on the other side.

If you're tall and can jump, expect to be a middle hitter. A middle hitter is where you always hit middle and you block the whole net. To become a great blocker, you need to constantly do volleyball blocking drills. These drills will help you jump high, keep your arms together and force the ball down.

Volleyball Blocking Drills:

  • Jumping with some kind of resistance to make you jump higher
  • Practice blocking when getting hit at during practice
  • Maybe some spiking to get that downward motion
  • Weight lifting for legs and arms to make them both stronger
  • Even just running will help your blocking skills
There are just a few drills that you may want to try to help on blocking. There are probably a lot more drills and training out there for blocking, but these are just some basic and easy drills to try.

Not only do blockers need to do blocking drills, but jumping and some spiking training would help too. Blockers should do volleyball jump training to help them get over the net and knocking the ball straight down. And then spike training will also help on elevation, arm strength and the downward motion. After all this training, you'll be sure to be the best player out on the court!

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