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Learn to become a better coach at volleyball coaching clinics

By Tara B.

You may have the best athletes on your team, but if you don't have a good coach, the team isn't going to win. If you don't have a good coach, players will fight, do what they want and some will even quit the team. Sometimes it is better to have the younger coaches because it seems to know what they're doing more than older coaches. Also, I think kids can open up and have more fun with the younger coaches than older.

However, coaches, if you aren't that up to date on some of the volleyball rules or exactly how you should be coaching, there is help out there for you. The help you can get is volleyball coaching clinics. These clinics will show you the basic things you should know and even some extreme things that not everyone may know. They may also teach you how to interact with the girls without violating their own personal space. Then they will go over the basic rules that you should know and then they will also probably go over how to ref a game, when needed. Some leagues will make players and coaches ref while others have parents, etc.

Also, these volleyball coaching clinics may contain a couple other things as well. They may contain some volleyball workouts you can show the girls if they're old enough and then when it comes to high school volleyball and club you may want to show the teams some off-season training they can do! It's hard to be a great coach, but if you're learning you're halfway there!

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