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The proper volleyball court dimensions for setting up your court

By Tara B.

There are 2 players for beach volleyball and 6 for indoor. Well, for beach volleyball both players have the same amount of work, however, in indoor the setter for the most part has the most work because they always have the second hit.

In addition, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball have different court dimensions so I'll try to explain them both as well as I can. I'll first start with beach volleyball and then describe indoor.

Beach Volleyball:

  • Volleyball court dimensions are 60 ft by 30 ft
  • Needs to have at least 10 ft around the court with open space
  • Sand should be at least 3 ft deep
  • Net size is 32 ft long and 39 inches tall
  • Height for men's net is 8ft
  • Height for women's net is 7ft 4in

Indoor Volleyball:

  • Volleyball court dimensions are 18m by 9m
  • Needs to have at lest 2m around court with open space
  • Ceiling height needs to be at least 7m high
  • Height for men's net ranges from 2.13m to 2.43m
  • Height for women's net ranges from 1.98m to 2.19m

To help you out on making a volleyball court and knowing dimensions you can always check out the rules for volleyball specifically who you're playing for. Also, if you need added help you can always look at pictures of volleyball courts. If you're still confused, you could always ask a friend for the proper volleyball court dimensions!

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