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Learning volleyball setting drills is the easiest way to improve your setting

By Tara B.

The setter is most likely the key player in a game of volleyball. This is because they always need to get the second hit and if they don't get a perfect pass; they have to run all over the court to get it.

Being as setter is a very important job. Everyone counts on you to get the second pass and make a perfect set. However, it can't be perfect every time and you're only human. The only way you'll get better is through practice and over time. Setters need to be in great shape too since they're using their legs and arms so much. There are many volleyball setting drills that setters can do to help them to get better. So, I'll just name a few for you since different coaches want their players to do different things.

Volleyball Setting Drills:

  • Fingertip pushups that will help make the fingers stronger
  • Squats with all different weights to help build up the legs
  • Setting to the wall over and over again
  • Just setting as much as you can in a game situation in practice
  • Setting it to your hitters so you get familiar with how they like their sets
There are some drills that you may want to try or not, but if these don't work for I bet you'll find something that will! Also consider volleyball setter camps to practice setting the ball 24/7!

Even though setters really don't need to do volleyball blocking drills, you might want to practice with them setting over the net or even just tipping. In addition, all players should do volleyball serving drills because serving is a big part of the game. Once you get your setting, serving, and blocking drills down, the only thing left is to practice, practice, and practice some more!

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