Volleyball Spiking Drills
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Practice volleyball spiking drills to smash your opponents!

By Tara B.

To have a great kill you need to have some awesome hitters. And to have awesome hitters they need to train extra hard to get off the ground and swing all the way through.

Just like any other sport, practice makes perfect. If you didn't have practice when would you learn? So, during volleyball practice you could have special drills going on for each specific position since not everyone does the same thing. You could have volleyball spiking drills for your hitters.

These spking drills should consist of:

  • Going over spike approach
  • A resistance drill to help your legs get stronger
  • Distance running
  • Location specific jumping
  • Follow through when you swing
Make sure you try to do those key parts in the drills because I promise you over time your hitters will improve. Or it could just be a warm up before your hitters start swinging full power.

Even though these players are labeled hitters, they also need to practice passing to the target since they won't always be in the front row hitting. However, since your hitters won't only be hitting, but blocking as well, they will need to do some volleyball blocking drills, too In addition, since hitters will be doing a lot of jumping when spiking and blocking, they need to also have some volleyball jump training on top of all that! Phew, that's a lot, but you'll only be getting better as you train in these categories!

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