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Knowing the proper volleyball training methods is half the battle

By Tara B.

When it comes to sports, is there one way that's better than the other when teaching the team how to play? Some coaches believe the sport should be taught strictly one way and they write everything down that they need to cover.

Others like to know what the team already knows and build from there. Whatever way you teach the team is fine, as long as they understand you.

Just like different coaches have different philosophies, they also have different training methods. Volleyball training methods not only vary by the coach, but at the skill level you're playing at. Some coaches will work their team so hard that they get sick, while others just want their team to be having fun when training. Or others want their teams to get strong muscle while others just want their team to stay in shape.

Whatever volleyball training method you use, make sure that it's serious enough, but also don't work them too hard where they can't move the next day and don't want to come back. The key to training methods are that the kids are having fun while they're building themselves up to get ready to play in a sport.

When having volleyball training methods, you should focus on volleyball jump training and volleyball spike training. Especially, in high school, college and club because those are the teams that will do a lot of hitting, blocking and jump serving. But whatever age group you play in, make sure the team has fun, too!

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