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The best volleyball workouts keep you in shape the entire year

By Tara B.

When you're on your own, do you really know what to do for a workout? Most younger players don't because they're used to always having a coach there with them. However, the workout you do at home doesn't have to be the same as the one you do for practice.

You're probably wondering what should your at home volleyball workouts contain. Well, hey can contain many different things, just depending on what you want to focus on. Volleyball workouts can range from practicing different volleyball skills or lifting weight. You should do your workout based on your personal skills, because you may need more work in certain areas. If you don't need to concentrate on your skills, than I recommend you to condition or lift weight. Here are a few more examples of things you could do for a workout.

Volleyball Workouts:

  • Lift weights to build up the arms and legs
  • Run to keep in shape and to make the legs stronger
  • Sit ups and other exercises to keep loosened up
  • Practice your skills if you're having trouble
Those are a couple things you may want to try in addition to any specific workout that you may have. It doesn't really matter what kind of workout you do as long as you're doing something to stay healthy. In addition to these workout areas, I would also do some basic volleyball drills that you've been taught or think of some your own creative volleyball drills so you'll have more fun doing them. No player is ever perfect and a little extra training could never hurt!

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