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Learn by watching the best in women's beach volleyball videos

By Tara B.

Most kids usually only get the chance to play indoor volleyball even though they really want to play outdoor. Outdoor seems a little harder to do, at least in my opinion. However, if you really want to play outdoor, don't give up because your chance will come soon enough.

When you've played indoor all your life, it may be a little hard adapting to outdoor. For outdoor I believe that you'll need to be well conditioned and in great shape to begin with. You may understand the rules real quick, but if you're coming from a 6 player indoor team to a 2 player outdoor team it might be hard at first to get used to having 4 less players.

However, you can also play on 3, 4 or 6 player outdoor teams as well even though you only usually see 2 player teams on TV. Also, if you want to see what outdoor volleyball is all about you can watch women's beach volleyball videos and see if you still want to play. Here are some videos that you may want to try.

Women's Beach Volleyball Videos:

  • Strictly beach with volleyball superstars Karch Kiraly and Karolyn Kirby
  • A Grand Slam summer
  • The World of volleyball produced by the Athletic Institute (Includes all types of volleyball)
If you're having trouble finding women's beach volleyball videos or having a hard time understanding them, you want just want to pick up a beach volleyball book instead. However, even an indoor volleyball book or movie should include basically that same thing like basic volleyball drills or volleyball training, but just taught and done in a different ways. So strap on your learning cap, you're about to learn a lot about volleyball!

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