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Which is the best type of volleyball? Indoor or Outdoor?

By Tara B.

Playing volleyball is a great way to keep in shape or just to have some fun. Some people may be more competitive when it comes to sports while others are more laid back. However you feel about sports, you should go out there and try volleyball. Some may think volleyball is only for women, but its not, it can be played by both men and women, even if it's more popular for the women.

Indoor volleyball or outdoor, which do you prefer? Well that is up to you, each person has their own opinion. No one should ever tell you that one is better than the other, only you can decide that one. I personally believe that the best volleyball is indoor not outdoor. This is just because I've played indoor all my life and have never tried outdoor. However, I would love to try outdoor volleyball some day because it seems like it would be very fun and interesting to play. Its up to you what type of volleyball you want play, but should at least give all types a chance before eliminating one out before giving it a try.

Is the best volleyball indoor or outdoor? Well the choice is up to you like I said before. However, you may like one better than the other because of the volleyball rules. Or you may even like one better because of the volleyball positions you can have on the court.

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