Coaching Volleyball Tryouts
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How to go about coaching middle school volleyball tryouts

By Tara B.

What should you teach kids when learning a new sport or going up to a higher skill level? Well it ultimately depends on the coach, how many kids you're working with, and how fast of learners they are. Also, when teaching the kids, you need to be patient because some may learn slow while others learn fast. Always remember, never scream or yell when kids don't get something, it will just make things worse.

One good thing about being a coach is that you get to pick your team and decide how to run it too. However, how do you decide what people to keep and what people to cut? Well it probably depends on what age group and comparing the skill level to one another. When coaching middle school tryouts, you may need to have about a week of open gym before tryouts to see the skill that is coming into making the team. Well I'll give a couple things you may want to do for tryouts.

Middle School Tryouts

  • Have tryouts for a couple days and cut people each day
  • Have players serve an "x" amount of times
  • Be able to set the ball a certain spot on the court
  • Pass the ball up to the setter or target
  • You may also want to do some hitting, but that's up to the coach
Those are just a couple of examples that you can do when coaching middle school tryouts. You may also want to give a written test over the rules of volleyball to make sure they know them. Another thing coaches may want to try is to run some different volleyball drills with the students.

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