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Every team must have volleyball pre-game warm-up drills

By Tara B.

The players and coach can't wait until that big day comes that you get to play in a game. All week you've been training extremely hard and you're all psyched up about playing. However, you just need to relax and not get over confident and you'll do fine.

The only thing is sometimes you'll know what to expected from a team while others you don't, so always be ready for anything. But you just can't walk in the gym and be ready to play; there is a lot you need to do to get ready for the game, mentally and physically. Therefore, I'm going to give you some volleyball pre-game warm-up drills.

Volleyball Pre-game Warm-up Drills

  • Do some running; Get the blood flowing
  • Do a lot of stretching to prevent injuries
  • Practice spike approach and swinging all the way through
  • Practice setting even if its to the wall
  • Do some passing because this will probably be one of the most important things to do
  • Serve, you need to get your arm warmed up before a game
When doing these volleyball pre-game warm-up drills, you and your team needs to be loud and cheering each other on. Doing that will really get you pumped and probably make the other team frustrated because you're out there with a smile and having fun. I can't stress enough though that you really need to make sure you do some libero volleyball training and volleyball spike training over anything else if you don't have the time before that big game!

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