Right-Side Volleyball Hitters
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Every team should have right-side volleyball hitters

By Tara B.

When you get into high school, college, or club, for the most you'll have a position that you'll be labeled at and you'll always play that position, well if you're good at it. However, when you're young a lot times coaches have you play every position, except setter or some also make you play there too. This is because when you're young, you aren't that accurate on everything you do in a sport.

This past year, I had a coach who was on the national team and he taught me a lot about volleyball and how different his coaching is from other teams. Well he taught us a 6, 1 and a 4, 2. The way we played on offense was 2 players in the back passing, 3 hitters in the front and wherever the setter was she had to get to her spot in the front row. However, what kind of hitter you were depended on where you passed at or if you passed at all. For example, our middle hitters never passed, when they got to the back row, the libero would go in for them. Our right-side volleyball hitters or what we called back always hit and passed on the right side of the court and for left-side hitters it was just the opposite. However, some teams don't have right-side volleyball hitter because their setter can't set backwards or they have trouble getting turned around.

Even if beach volleyball in the 1980s was popular, you didn't have right-side hitters if you were playing a 2-man game which was very popular at first. Also, the game on the internet, slime volleyball, only as one player so this one person has to do everything therefore having no specific position!

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