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All volleyball drills should consist of blocking and spiking drills

By Tara B.

Doing something over and over again may seem boring, but it is only going to make you better. You're always doing things more than once when it comes to school or sports. You may not like writing a paper over again because you think it's just the greatest, but when the teacher tells you to correct something, the teacher is probably right. Most of the time kids don't see how it will help them out, but you as an adult know it will help them out in the long run!

For any sport, it takes a lot of time and effort to get really good. And most of the time kids just think they can get better over night and they can't! At the beginning, a lot coaches do conditioning because they want their players to be in shape and they think it's making the team better. However, just because you're team is in good shape, doesn't mean they will be all that great.

This is because they could be the best in shape team out there, but have no skill or very little. Therefore, if you're going to condition them a lot, you need to also practice their skills a lot as well. To help condition them and get better at their skills, you can do some volleyball drills. I'm going to give you some main things that drills should contain no matter kind you do…

Volleyball Drills

  • Endurance
  • Quickness
  • Coordination
  • Feet Work
  • Strength
Those are just some things that should be used when do volleyball drills. However, you also need to make sure if they're passing, setting or hitting that it's the correct too! When you do drills, you may want to focus on volleyball spiking drills and volleyball blocking drills. At least, if their high school or club team where a lot of that is going on! But whatever drills you decide, some drills are better than no drills!

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