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Are volleyball tattoos right for you?

By Tara B.

It's always nice to show off your achievements and accomplishments. However, while some last forever, others come and go. The bad thing about showing off is sometimes you get over confident and it hurts you in the long run.

When it comes to life, there are going to be a lot of good and bad memories that you'll always remember. There are some things you wish you could forget while others you're so glad you remembered them. This goes the same with sports as well. You may win a championship and this would be something you would always remember. And then there is the game that you lost in shame, 25 to nothing, that you hope that you will never remember. However, somebody may want to get volleyball tattoos so they can remember what they used to do when they were younger. Getting a volleyball tattoo is better than getting someone's name or something that may change. However, you can always get temporary volleyball tattoos when you're young or even old because you'll probably get sick of it and you can just wash it right off.

These volleyball tattoos can be anything, a player, net, volleyball, or even a volleyball team name you've had in the past. You can find these temporary volleyball tattoos in a lot of free volleyball catalogs, so start looking before someone else steals your design!

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