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Easily move around on the court with low rise volleyball shorts

By Tara B.

For a team to look good, they need to have matching uniforms. One part of the uniform is the shorts, most club and high school teams use low rise volleyball shorts. This is because the players we'll be more comfortable and be able to move with ease.

However, as we all know there are many different name brands out there for volleyball uniforms, shoes, balls, etc. Some of the volleyball brand names are Adidas, Nike, Asics, and so on. I believe Asics brand shoes are the most reliable since I've had Adidas, Nike, and Asic shoes and all my shoes fell apart except my Asics. Therefore, might choice for shoes would be Asics.

On the other hand, for volleyball uniforms, I think all brands are about the same on how the uniforms are made. I personally have not had a Nike or Adidas uniform, but only an Asics one because they help sponsor our team.

So, when picking out a uniform for your team make sure it's going to be comfortable and cool. Also, make sure the team for the most part agrees on it. For example, say you get low rise volleyball shorts; some girls may want spandex while others don't. You also may have a small budget so buy accordingly like brand name and style. You don't have to be the best dressed team out there to be good!

Low Rise Shorts

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