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How can volleyball setting equipment help you?

By Tara B.

A setter has the hardest job on a volleyball court, by far. This is because at times they have to run all over the court to get the second hit when there wasn't a perfect pass to them.

For as long as I've played volleyball, which has been at least 5 years, no coach has had specific volleyball setting equipment. This is probably because different coaches want their setters to set different ways. For example, setters can set 1, 2, 4 and 5 balls and the height of the set depends on a couple things, the setter, hitter, and the coach. The only thing I can recommend for setters is there are videos out there you can get and watch or just ask your coach how they want you to train.

Even if your team doesn't have any specific volleyball equipment made for setters, there are volleyball setter camps you can go to. To learn the best skills, I would recommend going to a state college setter camp since you'll probably get the highest level of training. So, to find out what setter camps are offered in your state or town, I would contact a local college by phone or internet. However, since I'm from Columbus, Ohio I know that Ohio State University offers many setter camps throughout the summer.

The dimensions of a volleyball court specifically an indoor one is 18m by 9m. Therefore, you not only need to have a good setter that can move around, but good passers as well that can get the ball to the setter.

However you decide to train, you'll be sure to be a better setter!

Setting Equipment

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