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Keep your shoes clean in volleyball shoe bags

By Tara B.

An accessory that some players may want to buy on their own are volleyball shoe bags.

A volleyball shoe bag is used to store your shoes at home and to carry them to tournaments. This way your shoes don't cause your other things to smell in your regular bag!

For the most part volleyball shoe bags hold up to a size 13, but that does vary depending on what brand you get. I really don't think most women will have a problem fitting their shoes in the shoe bags, but I think men might have to check because they tend to have bigger feet.

Since most of the time men don't get the chance to play volleyball as long as women, so why would you pay a lot for shoes? So men if you're just playing volleyball for the fun of it, I would recommend buying discount men's volleyball shoes. The only reason the shoes are probably discount is because they're an old style. However, if you're a guy that plays in college or a national team you should buy the newer shoes, in my opinion.

Men and Women have a wide selection of volleyball shoes that are unbelievable. There are a lot of brands out there like Nike, Asics, Adidas, Mizuno, etc. I've never tried the stratosphere 3 mizuno volleyball shoes, but they seem to be popular for a lot of volleyball players.

But buy the shoes you like, not what other people say. However, go out and buy a volleyball shoe bag because I bet it'll come in handy eventually!

Bags of Volleyball Shoes & Gear

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