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Volleyball training aids can turn a good player into a great one!

By Tara B.

Practice makes perfect as many would say, so the more practice a team has the better they'll be. However, how good your team gets depends on what kind of things you do in practice. To help enhance your practices, you may consider buying volleyball training aids.

Even though there's a wide range of volleyball training aides, you need to buy the best for your team. For example, if your right-side hitters need work, you could buy things to block their spike making them having to hit the volleyball harder or even just little things to make their legs stronger. However, they may also need volleyball jump training, which for the most part, you just need to buy resistance items to build their muscle in the legs up. Doing these things will help them jump higher while spiking. It will also help their game overall by helping them stay low longer and even maybe moving faster toward the ball.

Some specific volleyball training aides are:

  • JumpSoles - Used to help increase the vertical jump

  • Ladder - Helps foot work by helping increase the quickness

  • Wobble Board - Makes ankles stronger to prevent twisted ones

  • Parachute - Gives you resistance as you run making your legs stronger

  • Block Trainer - Helps teach your players the proper ways to block

There are just a few to name, but there are many more volleyball training aides out there to help your team improve their skills!

Volleyball Training Equipment

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