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Asics vs. womens Nike volleyball shoes. Which are better?

By Tara B.

Volleyball shoes are used because they give better traction on volleyball courts than regular shoes. Also, some kids just feel more confident wearing volleyball shoes, which if your child does, I would recommend buying the shoes for them. Name brand isn't everything, it's the quality that counts. Also, just because the shoe is good for making a running shoe or whatever doesn't mean their volleyball shoes will be just as good.

Growing up, I've always like wearing Adidas and Nike shoes as my regular day and running shoes. So, I thought I would try these brands for my volleyball shoes as well. I didn't have the best experience with either of them, but I did have a better one with Adidas than Nike.

First, I tried the women's adidas volleyball shoes and they turned out to be alright. However, the only down fall was they wore out quickly. I mean that didn't fall apart or anything, but the traction didn't last very long and I slipped a lot even if they got wet. So, I decided to try another brand next.

Then I decided to try womens Nike volleyball shoes and they weren't the greatest. I probably bought the women's nike volleyball shoes about 1 or 2 years ago and the shoes ripped after a couple weeks. However, I'm not saying don't buy their shoes, but because I had a bad experience with them I personally won't buy them again.

Ever since I've got Asic volleyball shoes, I haven't had any problems and I love them. I would recommend Asics over any other brand of volleyball shoes, but don't let my situation discourage you from buying the brand you want.

Womens Volleyball Shoes

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